Oh Natalie why do you try so hard to pick fights. Considering only a few short years ago you had your head up the Tories’ and Boris Johnson’s backside, taking political advice from you would be like asking a lemming on the edge of a cliff about their plans for the rest of the week, or financial advice from a broke accountant. Of course naturally we remember also when you applied to be a Tory candidate (the shock!)

Now you can try and smear Tories as much as you like dear, your party, its’ MPs and Councillors aren’t exactly pinnacles of Greatness are they *cough* Angela Rayner *cough* Birmingham City Council to name but a few of Labours’ current finest moments. You do however provide a great point in that candidates Councillors and MPs do indeed represent their parties’ values. If anyone bothered looking beyond your bitter arrogant leaflets and social media that your party puts out, and actually looked at what true socialism end goals were, they’d be running for the hills.

Thankfully for Labour you have the general ignorance of the voting public to thank for ever getting a hold on power. We do think perhaps your argument regarding the Tories standing by the behaviour of their MPs and Councillors (we notice you didn’t dare name any examples) is rather libelous, especially during election time don’t you think? (And according to some, we should know). We will hold you to standing Independent the next time an individual within your party is a naughty boy/girl/them. Since you’re apparently only capable of childish argument, they might let you off with a slap on the wrist hey?

Here’s another one trying to discredit an activity that strangely enough politicians of all colours carry out to gauge the views of residents, since they’re forever lambasted for not listening to them. Councillor Richard Kingstone of course does not see the irony in this post.

Councillor Kingstone knows full well that all political parties and candidates already legally have a copy of everyone’s names and addresses on the electoral register (the clue is in the name Richard). They don’t need them from a survey. If you’ve ever noticed a political survey come through your door, then it’s likely you’d probably notice it already has your name and address on it. So what’s your point there Richard? Oh yes you want to discredit everyone else, especially the Tories (again someone else who was firmly up the Tories backside until he’d finished using them) and continue gaslighting people into thinking you’re a superhero and of course, not a politician (yeah right). If you can lie about that, how do you expect people to ‘trust you’?

[Article updated for a correction: Natalie applied to be a Tory Candidate, she did not get through the selection stage.]

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