Oh no, what are we going to do? Councillor Kingstone is confused! He doesn’t know who he’s going to vote for this year. Strange that since he has never been backwards in coming forwards spewing forth people he seems worthy of his praise or endorsements. A distinct change of tack this year since his plan with Brina to let the troll do the heavy lifting on the election interference, which he is duly carrying out in abundance on Spotted Tamworth and Tamworth Voice Facebook pages.

Kingstone can’t resist a bit of a stir of the pot though and in fact if you look at the post for what it is, it’s a running order from bad to good (so far as he’s concerned) of who he endorses. Very subtle Richard, very subtle. Sadly when you take a step back and see Chris Cooke getting a notable mention for being part of UKIP once upon a time (which no longer has a great reputation), and the word ‘epic’ used for Pat Pallet, you realise his preferences are very much in your face.

Special mention goes to Richard’s associate Dave who despite being a candidate for Reform, which Richard isn’t a fan of, that’s okay, because it’s Dave. Dave will of course when elected ignore his party and do as he likes? Nah, doesn’t work that way. Kingstone evidently thinks people count more than the party, which is rubbish since their beliefs and values are tied into their party, otherwise why stand for them?

Because he deems himself ‘independent’ he believes he can put out a supposedly unbiased all encompassing post to his followers, knowing they hang on his every word. Whatever their master says, they will do. You do only have to look at his comments section to see how he lets his devoted flock do the work he has decided not to do. Including letting people say unpleasant things about other candidates. Better still, going so far as to like some of their comments.

Then you have this oddball, seemingly obsessed with Councillor Robert Pritchard, who is given free run in Richards comments to say what he likes. Remember Kingstone preaches setting a respectful tone? Since he can’t stand Pritchard either, he lets this slide (it is still on there 16hrs later).

All of this posturing from Kingstone is just yet more utterly ridiculous and childish, (but as we have said, much more subtle) interference from him. Whilst his troll pal is utilising his large paid for Facebook audiences to try and do the real damage. Their agenda laid bare is power play, feeling important, personal grudges and nothing more. None of Kingstone and co’s gang have the best interests of Tamworth at heart, just their own deceitful, calculated and insidious self indulgence. One thing’s for certain, Kingstone is definitely not confused.

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