It’s only a couple of weeks to the election and some sniff blood in the air. For if Labour do ascend to take control of the council, it may not be led by the blundering Councillors Carol Dean, or Chris Bain any longer. A rumour has reached our ears of a planned coup on the leadership within the Labour group is apparently planned by some relative newcomers.

Apparently not too happy with how these two have been running things this past year, the ambitious duo (yes we know who they are) intend to put a vote of no confidence against Dean and Bain at their annual general meeting after the election and take the leadership for themselves. This is thought to be led by the decision by Tamworth Labour to stick by their national parties instructions to keep their mouths shut and not mess up in the interim period before the election, and well, quite simply cos they’re crap.

Labour of course believe they have the election completely in the bag both in Tamworth and nationally and aren’t afraid to say it. Unfortunately if you watch their lacklustre performances on the councils’ YouTube channel, you will see quite clearly how much of an ineffective opposition they have been. Some might say embarrassing. Tamworth is apparently going to vote them in anyway, cos change and all that (what an argument that is).

Now of course this could just be only a rumour but it’s a good one, and from our perspective it seems very likely. Even if this just puts the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons, this will be interesting to watch any fall out if any (come on Labour only a few weeks to go, keep it together!). We would welcome a change in the local Labour group leadership, we recently called on Carol Dean to resign as leader of the group. Rudely she bloody ignored us. We feel they will be much better led by this admittedly inexperienced, but eminently more capable duo.

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