Updated: Well we didn’t get to play ‘forgotten estates’ bingo, we even let the basement dwelling web developer out to play along, although they’re not allowed alcohol after the last time. Predictably though Carol Dean trotted out the line fairly early on. We actually expected better of Labour tonight but only one of them tried and that was Councillor Sarah Daniels, so much so that Councillor Andy Cooper*** (Hi Andy!) suggested there maybe should be a swap in the top team (Labour have apparently taken to sitting in order of the cabinet positions they hope to take in May).

Highlights of the night included Councillors Oates and Pritchard showing everyone what twenty years experience gets you for your money, with Pritchard reminding Carol Dean that the meeting was in Tamworth and not Westminster. In a shocking twist Councillor Cook actually stood up and admitted he is a Conservative (no shit, really?) as well as berate the Labour party for their utterly appalling record nationally and locally. All three of them throwing grenades at the Labour party felt like the old band was back together. Sadly just like many boybands before them, one of them left to pursue a solo career and fell flat on their arse. Cook can still hold a tune though when he feels like it. We are sure however It’s not going to stop him putting forward candidates to screw over his former colleagues chances of being elected this year, and hasten the socialist takeover. Ego, as ever with him, comes first.

Moment of the night had to go to Councillor Craig Adams, who praised the work of Gordon Brown and his financial acumen during the 2008 financial crash. Wow. We wouldn’t recommend taking substances before a meeting Councillor Adams. The USA would also like a word. Councillor Chris Bain spoke about damp and mould, yet again making excuses for people who don’t understand where damp and mould comes from, and as was pointed out to him, making no particular revelations from ‘speaking to the people’ than are brought up every single year.

The meeting was very much about the main parties setting out their election stalls, with Councillor Jay even managing to put in a decent performance. We imagine the Conservatives are thinking whilst they might be on the way out, they’re sure as heck not going to leave without warnings of impending doom to be brought forth from the incoming Labour administration.

On the whole, we find ourselves agreeing with Councillor Cook (yes we know) when he described these state of the Borough debates as a “talking shop” that has never improved the lives of the people of Tamworth. If you need any clear idea of the difference between the wannabes and the incumbents, you’d be no worse off for watching tonight’s meeting.

*** Story updated due to correspondence received today, we finished off the alcohol from ‘forgotten estates’ bingo anyway and apparently got the name of the person suggesting a Labour Team change around wrong. It was in fact Councillor Andrew Cooper wot said it. Since there is no-one else to blame, we shall flog ourselves for innacuracy. Thank you anonymous tipster.

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