Kingstone pictured here ‘bullying’ a road sign

For the third time in as many weeks, Councillor Richard Kingstone has not shown up for one of the key debates of the year for Tamworth Borough Council. He is conspicuously absent at tonight’s state of the Borough debate currently going on in the Town Hall.

It seems Kingstone only does his #StandingupforTamworth on Facebook, where he seems to find plenty of time to write degrading posts criticising others. In the meantime, three debates in as many weeks have happened that take Councillors contributions to the Councils’ budget, actually set the budget, then discuss the current state of the Town, which is tonight. We are quite surprised he hasn’t managed to get to any of these as he usually loves to spout his bullshit in person, not to mention tell the Mayor what to do.

Kingstone recently accused us of bullying him and we called for representations from anyone who felt we were. We said we’d update you on this if we got any. Aside from a couple of people being slightly upset about the site in general, which we published on the mailbag, no-one has actually come out and said we’ve bullied Kingstone.

Now we know it’s easy to think we wouldn’t publish correspondence criticising the site, we absolutely would and have. We take notice of criticism too, because we would be hypocrites if we didn’t. The mirror is being held up to him, when required, and some people don’t like it. There has to be counter arguments to people like him, especially when they outright lie. Since he deletes or hides dissenting comments on his page, where else would an alternative view be put? Where else would his arguments to try and further his own agenda be questioned? He’s definitely not open to debate on his opinions.

Back to tonight, debate is well under way, let’s see what gems we get, if any. Interestingly Councillor Paul Thompson is not there, still presumably on suspension from the Tory Party.

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