We knew about the issue bubbling with this Taxi Driver. Of course we did. What we didn’t see was any particular proof that anybody had been the Police before the guy driving this Taxi had been hung drawn and quartered. Of course, this being Tamworth and the world we live in today, he’s had a trial by social media. Small minded people with little to do other than make stuff up have all jumped on the bandwagon and accused this Taxi Driver of all kinds without so much as a scrap of evidence.

The facts are plain and simple. If this Taxi Driver were dangerous, and the Police believed he was an imminent threat to the public, then he would not be driving it. It’s really as simple as that. Someone doesn’t lose their job just because someone on Facebook accused them on Facebook of committing crimes. Such is the stupidity that is rife in this town, people are naturally outraged, despite only having read from people that they don’t know, about the supposed antics of this driver. The fact he is still driving around leads us to believe that no-one has actually gone to the police about anything, and they’re just making shit up. Are we surprised? No. Is the fact that this guy is a Muslim a big factor in all this, yes, of course it is.

Heres another fact for the Facebook idiots. He’s not been let off with anything either, the word is the meeting of the licensing committee he was due to appear at, never happened, it was adjourned for reasons we do not know yet. It is yet to happen and will happen. If he has anything to answer for then it will be dealt with. So as you can see from the post above on Tamworth Matters, which is usually one of the more trustworthy Facebook pages, with someone crying ‘he’s got away with it’ shows how easily more utter bullshit gets spread around. So wind your neck in Facebook and learn to check whether things are true before you dive all in and believe them.

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