Cry me a river, said Justin Timberlake in 2002 (yes 2002!). Debunking Tamworth is saying it to Councillor Richard Kingstone, who is in the opinion of this ‘Grubby little blog’ a liar and a disgrace to all of the positions he holds. He won’t name us, because he’s afraid if he does, the followers he regularly gaslights might just get a glimpse of an alternative version of their hero, and decide he’s not the upstanding gleaming bastion of morals and truth he pertains to be. To reference the Jo Cox Foundation principals when he has ignored every single one of them since becoming an ‘independent’ Councillor is abhorrent. Evidently Kingstone needs more attention, having posted this on a day we haven’t said a thing about him.

Debunking doesn’t bully anyone, especially grown men like Kingstone and his pal the not so local troll (who no doubt will be sharing Kingstones post). These men believe there are no consequences to the words that they themselves put on their temples of self devotion and promotion, their Facebook groups with thousands of people who believe every word they say and hang off it. Not once has Kingstone had an introspective view of himself and considered whether what he portrays, what he says and how he behaves is wrong in any way. At most he does the damage, then feigns regret, as he did in election campaigns gone by. His ego would never allow him to be wrong.

Kingstone is no victim, he gives as good as he gets. He doesn’t like the mirror being held up and his motives questioned. Because that is all we’ve done. As we aren’t one of the people that agree with him, we are in his twisted mind bullies, for exposing the reality of his behaviour. We know absolutely without doubt that Kingstone hides or deletes opposing views to his, on his Facebook page. We have published every attack on us and responded. We are actively sensitive to the idea of causing harm to anyone, and we don’t just make up any old lie and publish it. We could have made up all kinds about Kingstone, the truth has been more than enough.

We ask our readers now, what do you think, tell us. Read all of our posts about this man, and tell us hand on heart that we have bullied this grown man who we know smirks when he thinks he’s got one over someone, twists the truth, outright lies to people, engages in election interference, himself bullying other candidates and Councillors without reproach. Contact us with your responses and we will publish them if we get any, we will collect them all together if we get lots and make a post out of it. Our contact form is anonymous and we wouldn’t use your name unless you explicitly told us to.

Put simply, if the likes of Kingstone and his friend Paul Brindley were the men they portrayed themselves to be, Debunking Tamworth would not exist. That we can promise. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

PS: Kingstone, the net is not closing in on us, despite what Councillor Paul Turner tells you.

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