This is Councillor Paul Thompson, until yesterday he was the local Tory group whip. That was until he was suspended from the group yesterday. Not only was he the group disciplinarian, he was a Cabinet member too, and we are assuming he has had to forfeit this position whilst under the cosh. We don’t know why he has been suspended sadly, we are going to try and find out naturally. There’s usually a particular member of the group that blurts their business to all and sundry, so we don’t imagine it will be long.

We are aware, as Councillor Thompson has not been a popular character within the party, since his being a key part of the coup in May, and the New and Improved Tory Group™ his suspension is more than likely welcome for some. We can only assume as whip, he was well in the thick of the Kingstone plot to oust one of their own group members from the party.

Thompson is up for election in Belgrave in May, if we were to speculate then we would say he’s not going to stand again after this as the timing is perfect for him to have thrown his toys out over something, or being naughty, and never have to face his colleagues again. His colleagues at Fazeley Town Council to which we understand he is also elected, might be glad to see the back of him too, since he has apparently only attended one of their meetings in 10 months. Such commitment.

Tonight sees a full council budget meeting, and we will be interested to see if he turns up, and what he says if he does. Given the last meeting Councillors had about the budget, we could be in for an interesting meeting.

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