The friendship is over, the not so local Troll Paul Brina Brindley (Failed Councillor, Failed Businessman, liar, hate merchant, fair weather friend) has declared open season on Councillor Thomas Jay. He’s fired his first warning shot towards him and the Tamworth Tories since Jay was elevated to Leader of the Council. Having been quiet ever since, it appears that Brina has decided to renege on his friendship with TJ as he has a habit of doing and start attacking, beginning with his lesser followed Facebook group Tamworth Voice.

What may you ask has caused this to happen? The relationship between the two men had been closer than ever since Brina became co-leader of the council with TJ (for our new readers obviously we never meant literally, we meant in the puppet on a string kinda way). It appears that word on the Tamworth street is that Brina has blocked TJ and refuses to speak to him any longer, get this, because TJ won’t deal with Debunking Tamworth, yes us! And won’t get us shut down. Showing just how delusional the Leicestershire dwelling troll really is, since TJ doesn’t have a clue who runs this site and doesn’t have the power or jurisdiction to do anything of the sort.

So now you can look forward to more attacks on TJ and the Conservative Council group because the troll doesn’t appreciate being exposed for what he is. We almost feel sorry for TJ (almost, we aren’t going to get carried away) but this is the price you pay when you mix with this disgusting man and get him to do your dirty work for you, because he has a big social media presence to shine a light on and flatter you. Like the mafia, the favour must be returned, and social media works both ways, quickly turning on you.

Brina crows about the platform he has on his personal pages, completely neglecting to mention that he literally bought the audiences by purchasing the Spotted Tamworth and Tamworth Voice Facebook groups some years ago now. With them he has spread his particular brand of hatred and lies, misinformation and untruths. Debunking Tamworth started in the main because of this man, he has only himself to blame.

Most of our site traffic and correspondence comes from people searching for him and no-one has ever had a good word to say about him. We’ve had to hold back on many stories simply because this site would become entirely about him. We expect more attacks as he looks to scupper and interfere with the Tories chances at the local elections in May, teaming up with someone who is still very much his pal Councillor Richard Kingstone, who must now surely be worried about falling out with the troll.

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