Show us where they hurt you Brina. Did they poke you so hard in the ego that they left you with the inability to use punctuation? The not so local Leicestershire dwelling troll Paul Brina Brindley (Failed Councillor, Failed Businessman, Liar, hate merchant, muck spreader, Tory Martyr) has posted what can only be described kindly as a tenuous link between the racist Tory Donor who slagged off Diane Abbott and Tamworths’ local Conservative group.

Brina as we know is butt hurt over his tenure in the Tory group where he achieved absolutely nothing, and left causing an expensive by-election because his ego couldn’t reconcile anyone else having an opinion but him (amongst other things). Aside from a brief time where he became co-leader of the Council with his on/off pal Councillor Thomas Jay.

In this post, he has somehow managed to mangle the wording as usual, and convey very well the foaming at the mouth he was doing at the time of typing it. He’s accused the nasty local Tories of hiding behind fake profiles and ‘firewalls’. We are going guess the latter is us, but everyone uses a firewall Brina, do read up on what one is if you’re going to try and sound clever. And of course, he’s accusing them of bullying, as if he’s never engaged in the practice himself. As for that and their alleged ‘toxic culture’ being widely acknowledged and reported, yes sure Brina, maybe on your own and your best Pal Richard Kingstones Facebook pages, but mainly it exists in your own head.

Diane Abbott meanwhile? Well she happens to be suspended from the Labour party for her own touch of racism, and they want her back. The comments by the Tory donor were undoubtedly shamefully racist as acknowledged in the post Brina shared. But surely what better option is there for someone like that, than to deprive them of their cash for their troubles? Would you give a racist his money back? Interesting one that. Besides, Abbott has plenty of daft stuff you could use against her rather than lazy racism, the colour of your skin doesn’t and never should be the basis of any hate.

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