This isn’t just any mismanagement, it’s Conservative absolute mismanagement. Not so local Troll Boy has presumably been in Tamworth this morning for his ‘business’ meeting with ‘business’ people. He’s picking on poor old Albert Road here in this usual mangled punctuation free style post. But there’s “so many roads you could insert instead” he says. Well we know where we’d like you to insert a road Brina, but it seems you’ve got an expressway to your arse from your brain already.

Potholes, bloody potholes, apparently that’s all we are interested in all over the country. In fact all over the world there’s people complaining about potholes, it’s apparently down to climate change. If you believe Brina though, only Tamworth and the Conservatives in general are to blame for potholes. Whereas Governments of any colour would have to deal with them, they aren’t going to suddenly go away whichever party is in control.

There’s lots of things we as human beings put up with, like some trolls, but we can’t just fill them in with tarmac and move on unfortunately. What we can do is stop with the annoying bloody bleating on about the holes in the road, that if people actually bothered to report to the right places, importantly with a photo attached, and they are deemed dangerous enough, they get fixed or patched quite rapidly. But no, people report stuff to Facebook, because that’s where all the worlds problems get solved. The pothole fairy is going to come along to Facebook and see your complaints and get to work apparently. Then when they are fixed or patched, people complain about the resulting roadworks, or the fact they ‘didn’t do it properly’ because of course everyone’s also a road maintenance expert.

It’s a shame we seem to be transfixed by this stuff, yes the small things sometimes make a big difference, but it’s not like they are even as bad as is being made out any more. It isn’t like they aren’t fixed or that money isn’t being spent on fixing them.

Then there’s HS2, a government money pit (what big government project isn’t?), or a revolutionary new railway that will take the pressure off the west coast mainline and increase passenger capacity. Depending on your point of view, it is either a huge waste of money, or a much needed infrastructure upgrade. Of course, only Brina’s opinion matters on this. It looks like a stupid waste of money in hindsight after Covid came along and people worked from home. It was the new normal to work from home people said.

Only predictably, companies wanted their employees back in the office when all the excitement was over. Who would have thunk your manager didn’t trust you to get work done whilst in your pyjamas? The jury will be out when HS2 is completed many years from now. And that’s the point, many years from now. Governments don’t have crystal balls, but they have to plan ahead with the data they have anyway. You only have to note the lack of much needed nuclear power plants to see what happens if you fail to do that.

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