Brinas’ Heart Still Goes On For TJ

You don’t get any Brina news for a while and then three turn up at one. He’s really back to his usual election games now. We reported that the friendship between the not so local troll and Councillor Thomas Jay looked to be over. How wrong we were. Although Brina appears to be showing signs of multiple personality disorder, because one minute he’s slagging off the council that TJ is in charge of, the next you get this gem.

Oh Thomas darling so sorry, I forgot how impressive honest and credible you are, won’t you please forgive me? How spew inducing was that? Then you get TJ’s take on the meeting where the troll isn’t even mentioned at all. We do wonder why this is, worried what his group members would think about him attending a meeting with the much loathed Brina?

So no mention of the troll there at all, but we would not be in the least bit surprised if he was the one taking the picture for TJ and to stash in his private album for later use.

Quite why the troll can’t attend an apparently well organised ‘business’ meeting with positive people without involving politics and slagging off everyone but his best bud is beyond us. Why the Advantage Network group continue to sully and associate themselves with the negativity and transparent agenda of Paul Brindley in their name is also a mystery. What does he really add to the group other than make them look like they’re being dragged down to the same level as him? That’s certainly the impression we get, especially when Baby Troll (a Brina protégé) William ‘Bill’ Bryan and Ian ‘I was Ken Clarke’s Agent’ Cooper in attendance.

So Brina and TJ are once again walking hand in hand and looking to the future together where Tamworth can “thrive once more and achieve it’s potential!” Apparently only Councillor Jay is capable of doing this, and the rest of the Councillors are a waste of time of course so far as Brina is concerned. Which might come as news to Councillor Jeremy Oates who was brought back in to Cabinet we understand to fix the utter shambles the Future High Street fund had apparently become under the New and Improved Tory Leadership™, remember Goostrygate?

Having to bring back the former leader of the Council that you ousted in a vote of no confidence less than a year before, to take charge of one of the largest regeneration projects the town has ever seen, shows you the real truth behind the scenes. Brina apparently knows best of course, but now he’s back as co-leader of the council, will he be happy with TJ’s cabinet? At least after our pointing it out, the troll has learned how to use punctuation now (Hi Brina!).

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