Noel Edmonds reportedly ‘asks the universe‘ if he needs or wants something. The Tories it seems ask Independent Future. In tonights full Council meeting we exclusively revealed earlier that Paul Brina Brindley, sorry Councillor Thomas Jay would be crowned leader of the Council. In one of his first acts, he announced a formal coalition with the Tamworth Independent Future Group. This is a very controversial move by the Tory group, (assuming any of them actually knew about it) as the Independent Future Group have been responsible for some bloody Tory noses in the last few elections, not to mention a drastic reduction in the lifespan of the Tory controlled Council.

Yet here we are, the last desperate act of a group who more than likely will be in opposition in May next year, to stay in control of the Council. What the Independent Future Group are getting out of this remains to be seen, but we see some return to leadership positions for their leaders at the very least. It explains the pub meetings between them in recent weeks, although we note these were between the two split factions of the group. Who was going to be more giving this Christmas we wonder?

What we do know is that in a surprise move, Councillor Jeremy Oates is once again back in the game and announced as a cabinet member. This under the leadership of Thomas Jay who along with others earlier this year unceremoniously booted him out as leader of the Council. We can only guess as Oates has been put in charge of Future High Street Fund that someone’s managed to make a royal screw up of it. What we don’t currently know is who the Deputy Leader is, as apparently this was not on the agenda tonight. In fact we won’t know the full situation of the entire leadership until this Thursday 14th December when the cabinet meets for the first time under their new leader. It appears at least for some Tory group members, hell actually has frozen over and the Devil is partaking in winter sports.

Updated: One of our beady eyed correspondents noticed that Councillors Rosey Claymore and Peter Thurgood abstained from the vote for Thomas Jay to be leader along with the Labour group. It seems not everyone is happy with the new arrangements!

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