Do you recall Dear Reader, our coverage of the bone that Sarah Edwards MP for Moseley North has well and truly in her mush and won’t let go of? A political ministerial visit made by a Tory cabinet member to Tamworth particularly irked her and she has been asking questions of the Government about it ever since, trying to find a political angle she can use.

It seems the Government have got rather fed up of her asking essentially the same question over and over again just to be given the same answers. Yet she’s still wasting her own (and her constituents’) time trying to nail down the Tories for some daft political point she evidently cannot prove. She had this response from the Minister.

Of course she isn’t going to publish the fact that she’s wasted circa £450 just asking stupid questions on her Facebook page. Her supporters are far too brainwashed to ever question her. Her motives and how she intends to perform her political career are however clear to the rest of us who decided to take the red pill (red, the irony).

She really has no shame, but hopefully this answer will make her finally get the message and perhaps spend the time better, actually helping her constituents’.

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