Major Conspiracy Ron Brown must be positively wetting himself with joy. No-one can pull the wool over his eyes. Apparently Sarah Edwards can though in a two page letter.

The circus of Morons that is the Facebook group Tamworth Examiner run by Brown have got themselves in a tiz and have come over all faint because Sarah Edwards MP for Moseley North responded to them about Bolehall Moor. Somehow they seem to credit her with having done something about it and having got answers for them, despite the fact she did absolutely nothing about it apart from giving them exactly the same information and answers that memorably Brown thanked the Council for giving him. The stuff is even publicly available online.

It hasn’t however stopped Brown from swooning over having a reply entitled ‘Dear Constituent’ from Parliament, and praising Edwards and calling her a Parliamentary ‘Big Gun’. Edwards even admits she has no influence over the matter in the second page. Doesn’t stop Ron and Co from falling over themselves to kiss her backside for having given them attention. We are almost certain she will get sick of them in time even though she might only have less than a year left in post. The man has read her letter and decided she’s got the matter in hand. Read it again Ron you utter imbecile.

Edwards even has the cheek to have a dig at the Council officers for the amount of time taken for them to get answers for her. We say cheeky since she’s got form for wasting taxpayers money and the time of Ministers and civil servants. No doubt the council had better things to do than get her and this shower answers that were publicly available.

Mark Hopkins the town simpleton (one amongst many sadly) also had this to add followed by some random nonsense from Ron:

Mark, the Council has already ‘done it’s job’ a fact that your mate Ron has already acknowledged, it probably took Ron longer to get a response from Edwards than it did for the council to do their due diligence (not Ron’s version) and determine actions on the whole matter. By which time you’d already got what you wanted. Honestly, these people walk amongst us and we can sadly do nothing.

We actually feel (a very tiny bit) sorry for Edwards as an encouraged Brown is likely going to be a thorn in her side from now on, and will probably be berating her again in time as he has done previously. However that’s what you get Edwards when you interfere in something you have no jurisdiction or power over, but take credit and pretend you do, as you have previously.

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