One minute he’s praising the co-leader of the Council Councillor Thomas Jay blowing large amounts of smoke up his posterior. Next he decides to finally watch the full council meeting from nearly a week ago when he posted, and decides he’s in fact in love with deputy Labour Leader Councillor Chris Bain. Poor TJ won’t know where he stands whilst Brina flipflops around his moods that seem to change with the direction of the wind.

Brina states he’s a Conservative, he’s in fact on his own side and always has been. There’s a reason Paul Brina Brindley is a Failed Councillor, Failed Businessman, Liar, Muck Spreader (to name a few), because all he does is spout negativity, reels people in to his world charming them with his apparent concern for Tamworth and denigrating anyone who doesn’t share his opinion. When you’re left downwind of him, you’re left reeling with the toxic fumes of a troll passing gas. If you cross him, you are the subject of abuse on his Facebook pages.

Brindley moved away from Tamworth some time ago now, his obsession with interfering in the political world of Tamworth did not move with him to Leicestershire. He continues to pretend on Spotted Tamworth and Tamworth Voice, both bought and paid for audiences with thousands of people, that he speaks on behalf of them. In fact, he is just trying his level best to ruin the chances of the Conservative group he ran away from when he couldn’t manipulate them into his way of thinking. A common theme on his posts is his belief that he has the answers to Tamworths’ problems, only a chronic egotistical narcissist would ever believe that.

His only real interest in Tamworth that we know of, is a group called Advantage Networking Tamworth, and he can’t even be part of that without politicising them and dragging their name into the muddy swamp he inhabits. How the rest of the group expect to be taken seriously whilst he is part of it is beyond us. Surely they can see the damage the man causes? We’ve had so much correspondence and information to know that Brina is absolutely not the kind of person you want to be involved in when it comes to business. People with normal everyday business undertakings do not leave a trail of destruction and liquidated businesses in their wake. They certainly do not get as much hate as we get for him in our mailbag, it still astounds us to be frank.

Yet here he is from behind the comfort of his own keyboard and firewall (sigh) ranting off about the Tories again. You will note that he has never put his actual name to political posts he repeats on Spotted Tamworth or Tamworth Voice, changing the ‘I’ to ‘we’, what does that tell you? Brina has more repeats than the BBC and quite frankly we are bored of him. He says nothing new, his usually mangled and punctuation lacking rants full of vitriolic bullshit are the same tired rhetoric over and over again that ramp up into a crescendo at election time. He will stop of course when the Tories do lose control, and so far as Brina and Labour are concerned they have done their job and you and the rest of the people of Tamworth are going to vote Labour.

It is sad for us to say, the general public can easily be manipulated and swayed by people like Brina. They don’t fact check anything, they’re not really very interested in what really goes on in council meetings. Their opinion of the world around them is formed by people like Brina in Facebook groups who tell them stories that are lapped up, shared and repeated. It’s quite sad, and it’s scary that people like Brina exist and derive pleasure from spreading their agenda as fact.

Talking of agendas. Debunking has never made any secret of being anti socialist, we have however never shied away from exposing the behaviour of anyone prominent in Tamworth be they Tory or otherwise when they behave badly or make up bullshit and expect everyone to swallow it. There shouldn’t be large unchecked voices shouting louder than the others, solely to manipulate people. It’s wrong. We post criticism of us and acknowledge it and always will. Can the others like the Brina’s and Kingstones of this world say the same? Of course not, they delete the comments that don’t agree with them.

We are done for now on this site with repeating Brina’s repeats, he has nothing new to say, he has become irrelevant.

As for Councillors Summers and Pritchard, welcome to the team apparently (we assume Brina was referring to Debunking). Your induction is set for just before the staff meeting on Wednesday where you will receive your welcome packs. The benefits are fantastic, you get great health insurance, in that you only get whipped if you don’t conform to our world view. We are sure you’ll love it here.

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