Tonight’s full council (maybe they should be called dull council, oh aren’t we hilarious) is going to be the last of the council year and the last time we will likely see as many Tories in the room. Quite possibly it will be the last time we see the Tory administration in control during a full council meeting. Tamworth is after all sleepwalking into a socialist shit show aided by the Tories former colleagues in losing their seats. So on this occasion we thought we’d mark it by proposing the ‘forgotten estates’ drinking game.

Forgotten estates is the latest Labour buzzwords they want to ram into the electorates heads in time for the election in May. They desperately want you to believe the nasty Tories have forgotten the council estates that most of the Labour voters tend to reside on. Even though if you look around them you’d find they’re actually quite tidy. So all Labour are in fact doing is criticising the hard work of the Councils’ street scene team and demoralising the very people who do their utmost to keep Tamworth tidy.

We think you are likely to hear a lot of those words ‘forgotten estates’ tonight. So Debunking are going to be watching online as usual, and we are going to take a shot every time we hear it, and we invite you to watch along and take a shot with us every time you hear that and ‘reception desk’ or ‘front desk’ said in the meeting. We invite the Councillors to do so as well, although from what we can see, you only have water, but you can still join in the spirit of it. Go on we double dare you.

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