Oh Richard, why do you lie so? Why do you make out that you’re the only one who cares and is #standingupfortamworth when you do little to nothing? What went wrong Richard, you came from a place where people looked up to you and respected you. Now you are discussed with scorn amongst your peers because of your incessant showboating, criticism and plain old bullshit.

You started a petition to bring back a Tamworth Borough Council front desk, this much is true. Starting a petition is the easiest thing you could have done, least effort, which is characteristic of how you operate now. You didn’t turn up to the meeting you were due to present it at and you criticised the Councillor who dared suggest that such an important topic be discussed on that night rather than wait. You vilified that Councillor and you poked fun at him on your Facebook post. Your ego wanted to make sure you got all of the attention for this, as again is characteristic of you. Your petition didn’t even manage to get the same amount of ‘signatures’ as you have on your page.

You have not championed the return of a front desk service, you have lied that there was not one, when in fact there was, and caused more harm to your residents who take you at your every word. The Assembly rooms may well have not been the best long term solution, but it was always a temporary one, as you well knew. You knew your residents could turn up in person and have a face to face discussion with Council staff, you knew they could go into private rooms if they needed it. You even knew residents could get home visits if they wanted them. Some might even say the service is better than residents had before. You chose not to share any of this, because you preferred to gaslight your followers to make your former colleagues look bad, and make it look to your residents that you were on their side.

Let’s be honest, most of these people who signed your petition have probably never needed or wanted to go into Council offices for any reason at all ever. Yet you want to cost those same residents more of their Council tax to fund your ego trip, even though you knew full well a reception presence would eventually be opened when the council was ready to do so.

Kingstone, you are a joke, you are a liar, a gaslighter, you are the worst type of politician who gets into the role to stroke their own ego and feed off the glory and praise from unwitting people who trust you and don’t know any better. You’ve used your former political group to get elected on a Conservative platform, build your profile by criticising and attacking them at every opportunity and interfering in their elections for your own enjoyment, as if democracy were some kind of toy to fool around with. You let them make you Mayor twice just to dump on them from a great height when the time and excuse was right for you. You left because you were supposedly disgusted with the antics of a Councillor over a new housing estate, only to then endorse that same Councillor when she came up for election.

Look what you have become Kingstone, but there you sit on your smug moral high ground judging everyone and accusing this blog of bullying you for calling out your bullshit. Because that is not the Richard Kingstone you wanted people to see. You even tried to frame an innocent Councillor for running this very website, in an attempt to shut it down. How you can live with yourself and the decisions you’ve made and the things you say is beyond us. Of course though, in your eyes, we are the bad guys.

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