We were pondering whether to do an article about Major Conspiracy Ron Brown and the statement put out by Tamworth Borough Council regarding enforcement action relating to construction near Bolehall Moor. If you’ve been following the saga here you will know Ron and Friends on idiot factory the Tamworth Examiner Facebook group have been kicking up a stink because a Mr Singh has been utilising land he purchased near Bolehall Moor and happened to make an access track to it. According to them, it has destroyed the natural beauty of the area (we paraphrase). We said we wouldn’t bother saying anything about this again. But then this dropped in to our mailbox:

Did you hear the announcement regards the enforcement notice around Bolehall Moor, having to remove the access road etc?

Just wondered was Ron right then? Do you owe him an apology?

Received 28/02/2024

Short answer is no, we don’t owe him an apology. Ready for the long answer? The man is still an odious idiot and a dangerous menace to society with the conspiracies and misinformation he spouts on his Facebook page. We suspect that the Council have given in to shut people like him up. Now let’s say Mr Singh was wrong to put in an access track to his land. We never stated he was in the right. We always maintained that if he purchased land that there would presumably be access rights to it. We also stated that bridleways can be used for access if permission is granted. What we also took a view on, was the idea that the land next to the railway was somehow beautiful and needed preserving being ludicrous. It most certainly isn’t and doesn’t, and it would have recovered from the turmoil of being dug in time.

Ron has spent his time criticising and slagging off the council for their failures in ‘due diligence’, slagging off the very people he now thanks, now he has had his desired result from them. His conduct and behaviour has been appalling and more likely to have turned people off from helping. Thankfully for Ron the officers at the council are despite what he thinks, professional and do indeed follow due diligence and procedure and do their job. They don’t just roll over for people like Ron who thinks he’s entitled to officers of the council cow-towing to his every whim because he thinks they’re his boss (go check his page, he says it a lot).

Ron evidently has a mental health problem mixed with boredom in retirement, and he inflicts it on people in the most disgusting of ways by lying to them and framing everything as a conspiracy against the tax payer. You’d hope Ron might take a learning moment from all of this and realise that the council, officers of the council and indeed Councillors are not enemies of the public, and that he shouldn’t undermine the very system that whilst slow, eventually gets there, after taking everything into account. Not just taking people like Ron’s rants on face value, which is very much the due diligence he’s criticised the planning department for not doing. On a side note, the Councillors he cites in his post we know have not been the driving force behind this result any more than Ron has, they’ve definitely seen and listened but we know none of them had any power or ability to have influenced it. It was already in hand despite them.

Maybe Debunking Tamworth would have more respect for people like Ron and his clown show if they didn’t behave the way they did. Until then, to us he’s still very much a public enemy.

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