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We have for quite a while now noticed that some residents of Bolehall have been quite agitated on Facebook, over developments on land next to Warwickshire Moor. One particular resident who comes from nowhere near it and lives in Perrycrofts, you’ve guessed it, Major Misinformation Ron Brown of Tamworth Examiner fame has been keen to jump on the bandwagon and bring his particular brand of conspiracy to this saga, he’s even made a video about it.

So what is going on? Well, the land in question for starters is private, not part of the local nature reserve, and not disturbing it, that’s just a fact. It has been in use as agricultural land for 200+ years. It was sold it appears for 25k in 2020 to Gurpreet Singh who owns a shop in Chartwell Buckingham Road. His intention, quite simply to build agricultural buildings for machinery and a store for market garden produce. It seems an application for this and an ‘unmade road’ giving access from Moor Lane were put in initially, until it was realised that, this is agricultural land and agricultural buildings are permitted development, again this is just the law and fact. Application 460/2022 was put in, and was granted permission, the whole application is there in black and white for everyone to see. Guess what happened next, when the permission was confirmed in January, some people went nuts, deploring ‘building on the Moor’ (reminder, it’s private land) as some kind of crime against nature, as if farmers haven’t been using farm land and putting up buildings on it for centuries.

We understand that Mr Singh has had multiple occurrences of vandalism to his private land, mainly to the gates that demark access. He has also had to put up with a barrage of criticism for daring to use the land for its intended purpose. If you have a look at these Facebook posts from some time back, you will see even long time resident local legend and former Bolehall Councillor Ken Norchi and his sister calmed fears about its use on this post (you need to be logged in to Facebook and a member of the group) in 2021:

The post was started by someone decrying the fact trees were being ‘unlawfully’ felled on the private land. Now this is quite an allegation, which we believe is still being touted around. The guidance on requiring a licence to fell trees is right here along with an opportunity to report it if foul play is suspected. We wonder if any of the current Facebook keyboard warriors have actually backed up their claims and reported this, or whether they just prefer to make noise instead, get in touch if you have evidence of reports being made and we will update the story.

So now on to Ron Brown, where does he fit into all of this? Well he has got himself involved, gone and made a video that you can see here (and if he takes it down, below).

And get this, he warns you that you might find the contents ‘extremely distressing’. Aside from being short on evidence and facts about what he is presenting, he actually calls vehicles using the bridge access under the West Coast Mainline “a national security issue”, we are sure MI5 will be straight down there Ron and we’re sure they’ve got agents at every single bridge along the whole track. He doesn’t even bother to give evidence as to how access is ‘unauthorised’, asserting that only Railtrack maintains the right to use that access with no proof (reminder it is a public footpath, that can be used for vehicular access in some cases) has anyone called Railtrack to check? Has anyone asked the Council if Railtrack was consulted? We doubt it. If Ron says all this though, it must be true right? Never mind that land more than likely comes with access rights and the muddy ‘carnage’ depicted will soon return to normal as grass tends to do. Anything Ron says or does bores us to tears, since we were over the absurdity of his conspiracies a long time ago (yet still people believe what he says without question). Ron even randomly mentions us on his comment with trademark ranty capitals below the video.

Now we don’t need to justify our existence to Ron, it is in fact he that abhors anyone questioning his wild conspiracy theories, and he doesn’t really need us to character assassinate him as he does such a good job of making himself look a fool. We enjoy highlighting it immensely. As for the awkward questions Ron, you’re certainly asking them (shock horror the government hasn’t stopped you yet), just not to the right people, Facebook is not the Council or indeed Railtrack Ron, try actually helping the residents of Bolehall if you and they think something is amiss, by asking questions publically yourself or encouraging others to. Otherwise, keep your nose out instead of being an attention seeker and leading people down a long winding path to nowhere.

You may well think our analysis of this whole debacle is quite simplistic, that’s because it is a simple matter. It’s private land, it has been nearly a year since the permission was granted, and all that residents’ complaints have amounted to in 2 years is clueless belly-aching about it on social media. Something people seem very happy to do these days rather than literally anything that makes a real difference. And let’s remind us of the scale of this ‘devastation’ shall we in scale below. We at Debunking think people having a fit over this need to get a grip. Also, let us hope that those who do have a problem with it don’t, in fact, have one because the guy who owns its name is ‘Singh’.

Would you look at all that green space we are running out of!
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