Coercive Control, not something you would ever imagine could be politicised and used in jest. Unless you’re Ron Brown that is. Yes the disgusting vile reprehensible creature has managed to do both, comparing the ‘party system‘ (Ron’s favourite conspiracy about political parties and their power) to a despicable crime perpetuated by equally vile and disgusting men and women against their partners.

Now let’s not delve into why our not so local troll has shared this. He’s shared things regarding mental health issues before, completely missing the irony of him posting and agreeing with the sentiments expressed, when he uses his troll farms to degrade people he doesn’t like. We don’t actually feel his post above is well intentioned, and we actually think he’s thinking along the same lines as Brown. It’s a very odd thing to say, but the troll is being subtle at the moment to keep his buddy Thomas Jay, (co-leader of the council with him) out of the limelight.

Ron Brown however is never subtle, he’s about as subtle as dog shit in the middle of a path, it’s there, it stinks and if you do step in it by mistake prepare for a world of pain trying to scrape it off. He’s said some horrendous things before, likening the Street Angels to vigilantes but this new comment is beyond low and an affront to everyone who has or is experiencing this nasty form of abuse.

So completely wrapped up in conspiracy and conviction that he is somehow a moral guide to his equally reprehensible followers on his Tamworth Examiner page, Ron was evidently chuckling to himself when he wrote that comment, even using emojis to finish it off. I suppose he couldn’t find a suitable gif to use as is his normal behaviour, because we can’t imagine anyone finding the subject of coercive control funny enough to make one.

The subject of coercive control is not funny Ron, not to those who suffer it. Take any shots you like at political parties, but not like this. We urge you Ron to go and seek medical help for your mental illness, because no-one sane would ever find this subject funny. If ever we needed proof on this page that you are the Cretin we’ve exposed you to be, you’ve given it to us here.

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