He’s not wrong, perception is everything, which is why gaslighting liar Councillor Richard Kingstone works so hard to cultivate an image of superhero Councillor. Despite being too lazy to actually do anything, and preffering to make Facebook posts for his flock of sheep. Perception, to people like those who follow him is indeed everything, he knows it, which is why he can and does say anything he likes for them to believe it. Perception hides the underlying facts of course, and only morons judge based on perceptions when facts should instead be sought.

Kingstone is putting himself up for County Council election in 2025. It’s in his interest to attack and criticise the County Council so that he can add 10k to his income every year in the full knowledge he can heckle from the sidelines, say what he likes, without having to achieve or do anything. His troll friend of course is also perpetuating his message:

Kingstone resolutely refused to share any information from the County Councillor in his area Councillor Robert Pritchard, preferring to attack him instead. Kingstone boasts of not being part of a party, so you’d think giving credit where credit is due wouldn’t be a problem for him, especially when his posts are ‘informational’. Since he doesn’t, it confirms he’s only posting to further his own narrow agenda, his only investment in the town is in himself.

As for announcements, we seem to recall he was going to announce something a while back, then bottled it, and ended another more recent post with “I have a plan” which of course also never materialised. So he’s in no position to criticise announcements, he’s trying to sell himself just as much as any other political party will, that’s just politics. Of course when anyone but Kingstone does it, it’s a bad thing.

Potholes are a nationwide issue, they are complained about to Councils of all over the country of all political colours. Our roads are crap, they’ve not been invested in and looked after, by successive governments. They’ve lasted their intended lifespan and now they’re crumbling.

Trying to characterise potholes as some kind of Tamworth or Staffordshire specific problem is purely a political device. It’s quite simply a lie. So is the idea that the situation is as bad as it is, the potholes do get filled, the actual dangerous ones quite quickly. From our own experience driving around Tamworth, we can see with our own eyes the situation is nowhere near as terrible as some would like to make out. It’s got much better from how it was.

The real fact is, Kingstone is spouting meaningless drivel, he cannot and will not affect anything with his rants. He is saying what people want to hear, they’re just words, because as he says “Perception is everything”.

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