Anyone heard of the ‘Guerilla gardening’ group ever again?

Spot the difference. Look at this above from June 2021. The elections are over and Mr Gaslight Councillor Richard Kingstone is praising Councillor Rob Pritchard for getting out there and doing something (note, something that Kingstone has never done and never will because he’s actually too lazy). Now look at this post below with the election only a few months away and Kingstone pushing his best pal Bill Bryan on his following and Kingstones own bid to be a County Councillor next year.

Oh would you look at that, no more “fair play to him” and “we should take a leaf out of his book”. No more praise, for this is the same Councillor Robert Pritchard Kingstone who will be standing against his mate Bill Bryan in Mays elections, who didn’t happen to be around in 2021. Let’s also examine the ‘cavernous’ pothole in the picture, oh yes that looks so dangerous and likely to cause a serious accident isn’t it. We’ve all seen worse, and anyone with a brain and ability to drive would easily be able to avoid it. It shouldn’t be there, it will probably get filled in at some point, but in actual fact it isn’t dangerous enough to have immediate attention. In Kingstone’s fantasy gaslight world though, this is the Grand Canyon, and just like his missing barrier bull, this is a huge problem that must be addressed. Kingstone can’t help himself with his dirty gaslighting behaviour. His followers continue to lap it up.

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