Paul Brina Brindley (Failed Councillor, Failed Businessman, Liar, Hate Merchant, Master Manure Manipulator). We admit to hating him here at Debunking Tamworth, which you would know if you’ve followed this site for a while. And why do we hate him? Because he’s probably the most dangerous threat to democracy and critical thinking in Tamworth.

Brindley purchased several Facebook sites Spotted Tamworth, Tamworth Voice and just ‘Tamworth’ years ago (apparently still owes a few thousand pounds to one Councillor Alex Farrell for Spotted Tamworth). He purchased groups with thousands of residents already subscribed to them, and turned them into propaganda machines to push his own warped agenda. He tried and failed to be a Tamworth Councillor, standing down early, costing thousands of pounds for a by election, because he became frustrated that he could not get his own way and could not get the council to give contracts to his events companies and his friends. He desperately wanted to be on the councils executive, or become a chair person, but never got the chance because of his proclivity to want to ‘feather his own nest’.

Having stormed off in a huff, he has spent the subsequent years using his propaganda groups to spread lies and hatred as well as vicious personal attacks on people within the Conservative group that he used to belong to. He literally has had a tantrum that has continued for years and even when he moved out of Tamworth entirely. He is a Tory, his political views are Tory, his interest is only in his own interests. The exception to his vitriol is current leader of the Council Thomas Jay, a pal of his for many years. As soon as Jay got into the top spot of Deputy leader of the Council in May 2023, the propaganda tap turned off. No more hate and lies, his best pal was in charge and so he kept his mouth shut.

Now it is coming up to election time, and Brindley has another pal, Councillor Richard Kingstone. Who just so happens to represent the same ward as both of their mortal enemy, Councillor Robert Pritchard. Someone who they and Councillor Jay see as the root of all the local Tory parties problems, but in fact quite literally always outshone both of them at every turn. Kingstone wants his good friend Bill Bryan to win Pritchards seat in May, and Kingstone wants to take Pritchards County seat in May next year. So now the heat is on between these vile men, to ramp up a misinformation and propaganda campaign using Brindleys platform to push their agenda and ensure Pritchard loses his seats.

We’ve decided to try and defend Councillor Pritchard against this barrage. Not because he asked us to, not because we have any particular fondness for him like we do our favourite Councillor Andrew Cooper (Hi Andy!) But because from the outside we can see what these vile men are doing. Grown men resorting to lying and bullshitting the Tamworth public literally for their own gain, pleasure and spiteful nature. Kingstone also needs the money and to feel loved and have his ego fed let’s not forget. These men are despicable examples of everything that is wrong in Tamworth politics, you only have to read about them on this site to see what they get up to. And if they don’t like Councillor Pritchard, it must mean he’s a shining example of a politician compared to these grubby bastards.

So with that context, shall we have a look at what Brina has put out on his propaganda site today:

This is a shared post on the Tamworth Spotted page, reposted by the troll himself, praising someone who believes they deserve a gold medal for cleaning signage, rather than just get on and do something good for the community and move on. Of course, there is commentary from Brina calling him a hero (bit of a low bar for calling people heros these days?).

Now if you didn’t know, Councillor Pritchard built up the Tamworth Litter Pickers group to what it is now since (we believe) around 2018 and has been out and supported them with everything they ever needed, and runs their Facebook group. An inconvenient truth for the troll. Not to mention the other inconvenient truth that Pritchard has been out cleaning signs earlier this year. Yeah we know Pritchard is out for the attention on this too, but think about it. What happens if Pritchard doesn’t show what he’s doing, trolls like Brina bullshit and lie even more with nothing to counter them. We wouldn’t even agree that cleaning signs is a particularly important thing for the Council itself to be focusing on right now, it’s one of those nice to haves. Picking up litter is only required because disgusting idiot residents drop it, costing us all a small fortune in staff to pick up after them. Litter picking groups are made up of a rare kind of community spirited individual who do it for the community, they’re certainly not just doing it for fake hero worship from the likes of Brina.

Heres another propaganda post, linked to Pritchard, originally posted by Kingstone and reposted by his troll friend to his thousands of followers. Kingstone is a lazy self serving smug arrogant man, he would never and has never in his entire political career done a minutiae of the work Pritchard has done for their ward or Tamworth as a whole. Kingstone believes being Mayor twice to serve his own needs for attention and recognition are his best achievement, and once he’d done that he dumped and then dumped on the group that got him elected in the first place, gave him the opportunity to be Mayor, and has been dumping on them ever since.

Those with critical thinking skills can see what is going on here. You can see these men have a warped agenda when you combine the evidence and make the link. It is imperative more people know who run these Facebook groups and understand why they have this rubbish pushed down their throats.

We would never ordinarily ask our readers to do something, however we are now. We are asking you to get the message out there about the reality of what is going on here, before this town descends further into these men’s hands. The troll is already co-leader of the council pulling the strings of Thomas Jay. Brina doesn’t care about this town, his awful reputation and his failed attempts at running businesses as well as failing at being a Councillor here made him leave. Yet he still has his grubby hands all over our town, calling the shots. We have an overriding mission at Debunking Tamworth. Fight misinformation and lies, call out his bullshit. Help us to do it. Because it won’t just end with Pritchard, and it won’t end well.

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