The man just can’t stop telling people what to do.

The Bill Bryan hype train has arrived in Tamworth and it’s blowing as much hot air as Mr Gaslight Councillor Richard Kingstone does every time he opens his mouth. This is as we predicted when Bill (aka William Bryan destroyer of family theme parks) suddenly woke up in December, remembering that he might want to go up for election in May. Of course, Kingstone pushes Bill as a ‘true independent’ like himself, which had us snorting with laughter once again here at Debunking Towers. Kingstone has been best pals with Bryan since he was a security guard at Drayton Manor, that Bill was CEO of until he pissed enough money up the wall that everyone eventually nearly drowned.

Notice how Kingstone denigrates his colleagues once again with no proof whatsoever to back up his claims that there is ‘dead wood’ within the council. The only real dead wood in the council is Kingstone himself, a proven liar, gaslighter and interferer in elections. He keeps the Tories in power in private, he poops on them in public. He gives the illusion he is working very hard for you, when he is in fact doing nothing of the sort. We’ve had correspondence from residents stating how he dropped them and blanked them because their cases were too hard for him, we’ve heard of his fellow ward Councillors having to pick up the slack because of this. Naturally he has also stopped attending meetings of the councils cabinet long ago, that he never used to attend anyway before his friends Councillor Paul Turner and Thomas Jay staged their coup. Kingstone’s also not beyond devious underhanded tactics to try and get innocent councillors into trouble. We know Bill is just like Kingstone, that much is true, and he’s certainly not good decent or honest.

There will be no independence between these two, and Bill who singlehandedly finally brought down a struggling Drayton Manor, which was floundering prior to the tragic accident that happened (company accounts for Drayton Manor are available here) will offer nothing to Tamworth. He was going to ditch Drayton before the pandemic happened and leave someone else to sort the mess. Drayton had courted a new CEO, a lady we won’t name, who was set to run the Game of thrones experience in Ireland before it was canned. As the pandemic kicked in, this idea was scrapped and Bill presided over the complete failure and fall into administration of a theme park run by his family for over 70 years.

Anyone who knows Bill well would be able to tell you his extreme right wing political views are ‘akin to Mussolini‘ as we were once told by a source, along with many others considering him to be an ‘airhead’ with not much going on between the ears. Don’t just take our word for it, go meet the guy and decide for yourself if there’s any substance behind the act. His interest in politics is simply because he cannot get a real job and has nothing else to do but chase vanity. He’s had to nick his brother George’s idea (who has run a successful family business consultancy for years) we are sure that went down well.

The Bryan family have a long history of being supporters and donators to the Conservative party, but Bill ever loyal to his friend has done an about turn. Quite how his father and brother, staunch supporters of Chris Pincher feel about this, we do not know. Since Bill has a long history of ignoring people who know what they’re talking about (i.e his father who oversaw Drayton’s golden years), we are not in the slightest bit surprised. Kingstone’s psycophantic followers might just muster up enough votes to elect Bryan, in what will be a rollercoaster year for Tamworth politics (groan).

PS: Our sources for this were people in your own family Bill, so send your lawyers to them.

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