Won’t someone think of the children! Kingstone screams from a Facebook post about a barrier apparently demolished by an errant Police Car a few years ago. In his latest narrative building exercise for the elections in May, which will probably end up culminating in how his pal Bill Bryan will save the day. Kingstone alleges that Staffordshire County Council treats Tamworth as a ‘second class area’. Richard obviously doesn’t travel outside the Tamworth bubble much, as if he did he’d see this town is no different to anywhere else (also have you seen some parts of Birmingham?). No-one can or will actually present hard evidence that Tamworth is treated any different. We will happily publish said evidence if provided. Don’t be shy!

The fact that the two traffic cones haven’t been carried off by drunks for head gear quite amazes us.

Whilst we agree that two and a half years to replace a barrier is frankly rubbish, the idea that this barrier being missing is somehow a danger to children using the route to school is quite a stretch, if not utter rubbish, especially since the barrier the police car smashed straight through didn’t do much to protect the house, some distance from the road. So we don’t think a replacement barrier is going to protect anyone walking past. Let’s also take a look at a wider perspective than the one Richard provides. Because a picture taken to prove a point is often not showing the whole truth.

Theres a wide angle view from Google Street view. As you can see the end of the barrier (aside from the fact it didn’t work), is hardly going to make much difference to anyone using the path. We also believe these barriers are likely meant to be there to stop people crossing the road at junctions, rather than provide protection against cars to pedestrians (which evidently they cannot). You normally see these type of barriers next to pedestrian crossings to encourage people to use the actual crossing point.

Yet again this is just Kingstone (who happens to teach at Rawlett) gaslighting his following to make it sound like everything is in a terrible state and only he (and soon his friend Bill) have the answers. We are however pleased to see at least some people pushing back on his incessant moaning, especially about things that are nowhere near as much as a problem as Kingstone would have you believe.

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