We might joke that Sarah Edwards is MP for Moseley North, but it appears even she forgets where she is representing sometimes, having posted a video, since removed, which appears to contain random Arabic script subtitles (if we have the language wrong feel free to contact us). Moseley is certainly much more diverse (PDF) than Tamworth is, the subtitles though are redundant in this town and apparently contain meaningless incoherent words according to our translation source, much like her video content and current activities in general then we guess.

No doubt it was quickly taken down as she knows residents here in our lovely and not at all quite racist town would flip out as soon as they saw them. This is a comment from someone on a Tamworth Spotted Facebook post asking how to contact Edwards.

Notice how someone has picked up on local Gaslighting Councillor Kingstones attempts to ingratiate himself with our new MP to remain relevant and suggests he might be able to assist contacting her. Talking of Kingstone and ingratiating himself with Edwards:

We aren’t quite sure how Edwards is ‘supporting’ Mercia boxing club by turning up and taking a photo with them, but whatever you say Richard, seems to work for your followers. Edwards isn’t going to be able to do anything to help the boxing club, their funding bid will be down to their hard work to obtain alone.

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