He’s at it again boys girls everything in between and either side. ‘How you vote is up to you’ says Councillor Richard Kingstone, the gaslighting liar of a magistrate and local school teacher. This is the first in no doubt a series of posts endorsing everyone but Tory candidates, because he’s a big man child who cannot reconcile his feelings for the Tory party against his own self promotion and interests. Kingstone will now spend the next few months doing his level best to make sure only Labour candidates he has little to no real knowledge of, or Independent candidates such as his best mate Bill Bryan get promoted on his Facebook page to his legion of sycophantic followers.

Theres nothing Kingstone likes better than a bit of election Interference, who can forget him endorsing a candidate that never intended to win and stood down costing the taxpayer thousands. Or how about endorsing the candidate that was responsible for Kingstone leaving the Conservative party in the first place despite her evident corruption he’d spoken out against. Kingstone has kept his Conservative chums in power with his vote since the elections in May whilst pretending to keep them at arms length.

You can be sure Kingstone will ultimately back anyone who will possibly be in the position to make him Mayor of Tamworth again. A role he held dear twice and desperately wants back, if you notice in Council meetings he has interfered numerous times with the running of meetings and we hear he has been coaching his friend current Tory Mayor John Harper.

As an ‘independent’ Kingstone knows he would be the perfect choice for an incoming Labour administration as they will possibly neither have members willing or experienced enough to do the job. So he will of course volunteer his services. Remember, Kingstone is only on the council for his own publicity and gain, it’s how he started his political career and how he will end it. He’d love you to think he’s a precious fatherly figure for Tamworth, he’s very much anything but. Kingstone is actually everything wrong with politics in this town, he has his own echo chamber to feed his ego and continue to make posts pretending to be a champion for Tamworth when in fact everyone else does all the work around him and despite him.

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