Mr Gas Light Councillor Richard Kingstone is preaching positive vibes today promoting Spudman. It’s a real shame that the usual diet his sycophantic followers are fed, is him shovelling crap down their throats. It’s normally drivel that suits his narrative about Tamworth being treated like a second class citizen, or how he singlehandedly holds the council to account (spoiler, he does nothing of the sort).

We also find it rather ironic that he’s supporting Spudman at all given his best mate the local Troll Paul Brina Brindley (Arsehole) hates Spudman with a passion. You will note that Brinas’ troll farms Spotted Tamworth and Tamworth Voice weren’t promoting one of Tamworths’ largest events today. This is why.

If anything tells you the character of a person such as Kingstone it is usually the people they choose to spend time with, and Brindley is not only someone who he chooses to spend time with, Brindley is often giving Kingstone lots of publicity on his pages agreeing wholeheartedly with whatever he says. This is one post of Kingstones that won’t get shared by troll boy though, he wouldn’t be able to stomach it.

Kingstone is standing for Staffordshire County Council next year, and so his narrative building has already started, complaining about safety barriers, and his troll friend has posted pictures of potholes on private land at Ventura making them out to be a failure of the County Council. Kingstone’s also already started his annual election Interference, backing the Labour Candidates despite his assertion in a private email leaked to us that the Labour group are essentially useless.

Its going to be a year of political change this year. Most people who vote won’t know why they’re voting for someone, but they usually get to decide for the rest of us. People like Kingstone and Brina take advantage of those people and gaslight and manipulate their followers into thinking they’re the good guys and they should vote the way they tell them to. Sadly it works.

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