Royal Mail is in the news for all the wrong reasons recently. Aside from the appalling treatment postmasters accused of theft due to rogue IT systems have had (it took a TV drama before people really sat up and noticed). They’re also trying to reduce the amount of deliveries they do. We’ve been hearing from various sources including a postal delivery worker that Tamworth sorting office is allegedly witholding the mail. Now a lot of people won’t really use the services of Royal Mail to receive the good old letter and won’t think much of this, many people however rely on it for hospital appointments and suchlike.

Whilst newer generations move on, older residents are being discriminated against in many ways by not being up to speed on technology and not having unfettered accessed to the Internet. People also forget that everyone including them will end up in a state at some point where they might have limited fine motor skills and cognisance that younger people take for granted.

It seems our very own sorting office in Tamworth is allegedly holding back mail already to reduce the amount of deliveries they do. It is actually illegal to do this, although the Royal Mail, if they are doing this, probably don’t think the law applies to them. This alleged holding back of the mail is happening in other parts of the country too.

If you’re experiencing issues with mail delivery please do let us know. If you’re the Royal Mail, you could always send us a rebuttal by post, not that you’d know our address, we’d probably not get it for a while anyway. We could imagine if Debunking did publish an address, there’d be an angry troll hanging around outside…

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