Councillor for Castle Ward Lee Wood is making sure you know that those pesky Tories can’t take credit for the businesses and individuals that have thrust Tamworth into the limelight recently. He’s not shy about making a post about it though to help raise awareness of himself, indeed even his Labour colleagues love a bit of reflected glory, and there’s Wood, basking in it just like the rest of them.

It’s almost like Wood is on the defensive because he knows his national socialist Labour party just aren’t business friendly, and they generally couldn’t create the conditions business needs to survive. When it comes down to it, the Labour party given a chance would have all of the workers picking the potatoes in the fields and spudman would be handing them out to the same workers for free, never being allowed to make a profit or build his business.

Sadly socialists will never really understand that someone somewhere has to pay for their ‘distribution of wealth’ either monetarily or in hard work, someone somewhere shoulders the burden more than others who sit on their arse doing nothing. As we’ve seen this week, Labour would be quite happy to squash events in Tamworth, to hand out the cash to their deserving supporters instead. We don’t know how much Spudman pays in tax, we are sure he pays plenty, and most business owners do (unless you’re a certain Leicestershire dwelling troll).

The wealth these business owners create, help an economy grow by providing jobs giving more money for people to spend. Yeah sometimes the more greedy swines in our society hoard the cash and don’t pay their workers fairly according to how well the business is doing. Which is a problem with those people, certainly not indicative of the entire capitalist system as a whole. Most people of all walks of life generally will do what is best for themselves in a society whether they’re rich or not. There’s plenty of those people who surround us and would happily screw someone else over if it means they’re better off as a result. This country, this town is full of those people, but thankfully they’re only currently more noticeable, rather than the actual majority who thankfully aren’t like them (yet). Yes we have the minimum wage, but how many teenagers are now sat at home in front of consoles or YouTube, or worse still causing trouble in the street, because business owners can’t afford to give them a part time job?

Tamworth and the country are gradually sleepwalking back into decades of Labour control where the wealth creators will wonder why they bother after they’ve been taxed and legislated against to the point it’s just not worth it for them anymore. In a nutshell, would you be happy working your backside off, knowing full well the government was committed to handing more of your hard earned to someone who simply can’t be bothered to work? Let’s see if Councillor Lee Wood takes credit for that when it inevitably happens.

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