Oh Sarah how could you! After another photographic hit and run, Sarah ‘Blunderwoman’ Edwards MP for Moseley North quickly posted her latest picture with Spudman to Facebook. Only she tagged in a Fake account that passes off as Spudman and literally steals his video content for their own gain:

This is the page Edwards links to, which quite evidently is not our beloved Spudman with 237 followers and is apparently based in the USA. Of course she has form for this kind of thing which you’ll see if you read back through our stories. She doesn’t care to correct herself though, because once she’s moved on she’s done.

Edwards who is busy getting photo opportunities rather than solving people’s problems, can’t really call this one an innocent mistake, you’d think she’d be more careful now. Unfortunately this link to the fake Spudman page is literally taking money out of his pocket. Which is fitting considering what the Labour party will do to him on a larger scale when they get in to power this year. Thanks to our tipster who made us aware of this by contacting us.

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