This isn’t one of our usual articles, this one’s simply because Debunking are Spudfans. Ben Newman aka Spudman is currently (27th Jan 2024) holding a free spud event in Tamworth Town Centre with huge crowds stretching all the way to the co-op supermarket. Along with an assortment of other businesses adding to the freebie fest, and street entertainment, Spudman has well and truly taken over the town centre.

In a cruel twist of fate, Newman who has 2 million TikTok ‘spud army’ followers nearly wasn’t at the event himself due to being admitted to hospital the night before thanks to struggles with his ongoing aggressive kidney condition requiring him to have dialysis four to five times a week. The hero however has managed to attend today, albeit on light duties.

Spudman has set up a Gofundme page to raise money to contribute to finding a cure for his condition which you can find here.

Quite often our posts are full of those who try and hog the limelight for all the wrong reasons. You couldn’t find a more opposite example in Ben Newman, a massive positive Tamworth success story. If you want to get behind and support anyone, get behind and support Spudman.

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