Apparently Boots Opticians is closing in Ankerside, according to Sarah Edwards MP for Moseley North. Only it isn’t, it’s Boots the store. Whilst it doesn’t lessen the impact of the ‘huge?’ store leaving, it does show that it’s likely Edwards hasn’t ever stepped foot in Ankerside let alone knows what shops are actually in it.

Yet she bleats on about Tamworth Borough Council needing to ‘expedite its vision for a revitalised town centre’. She’s quite welcome to grab a hard hat and a shovel and get digging then because anyone who has walked through the town centre because they live here (unlike Sarah of course) can see the building work happening. She’s already trying to take credit for a planned bridge and wants that done quickly too. She’s going to be busy on building projects folks.

Here she repeats the false claim regarding Boots Opticians closing, and naturally compares it to Wilko going bust nationally. What exactly any Government can do to ‘take action to protect our high street’ is beyond us, other than nationalising every single one of the high street chains. Oh hang on, they’re socialists, better not give them any ideas. Let’s get things straight here, Boots are shutting because not enough people use it. They knowingly decided as a business to open a huge one in Ventura and if people don’t use that, it could easily go too. If Edwards knew Tamworth, had any sense, she’d know the town centre is never going to return to its retail heyday, no matter how much people moan about it. It is regenerating into something different, Doctor Who fans will be very familiar with how this works. Thankfully some people are catching on to her crocodile tears on her Facebook page.

Dave and Ross get Debunking gold stars and a free spud from Spudman on Saturday 27th Jan (if they join the queue of course and he doesn’t run out). Mary, you’re too far up there for us to help love. And Sarah, your inbox is indeed full, from what we can see there are plenty of people waiting for you to get back to them on possibly more pressing issues than a retail store shutting, which surprises no-one these days.

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