There are none so blind as those that will not see. Major Conspiracy Ron Brown rages against anyone and everyone it seems, most often getting things terribly terribly wrong. Why’s this? Because he doesn’t do his own due diligence (a phrase he loves to bandy about) to ensure what he is presenting is correct. So the irony of us seeing Ron not recognising that this is not Tamworth Town Centre in Sarah Edwards MP for Moseley North’s picture, was most delicious for us to savour. This is of course Edwards posing with her Union Pals next to the George V statue in Westminster. Presumably Brown thinks that’s St Editha’s in the background too. Dream on Ron.

Whilst Sarah is busy producing hot air about the Steel Industry, and we in Tamworth of course have steel mills as far as the eye can see. Her constituents are still wondering how they might contact or visit her office, which 3 months later still doesn’t exist. We know she’s taken on a caseworker a Vicar who is well known to be very left leaning. We assume she’s leaving all the correspondence she’s currently ignoring to him. Let’s remember that Sarah doesn’t have to pay a penny to get an office set up, we as the taxpayer do, so money is definitely not the reason.

We are sure Sarah could better spend her time actually doing work for her constituency (according to some you’d think we’d never had anyone dealing with enquiries to do with Government prior to Sarah arriving) rather than hopping around taking photos with every cause she can find, especially those nothing to do with Tamworth. At least Eddie Hughes who is meeting and greeting with the obligatory photos, has an excuse, he’s not yet elected to represent us. It will be interesting to see whether the people of Tamworth keep our ‘try before you buy’ MP at the next General election. Given it seems she’s done no actual work for Tamworth yet beyond talk.


Due diligence Ron, Due diligence. Tut…

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