He’s not partisan, not political, oh no no. Vicar of Wilnecote Oliver Harrison has been employed by Sarah Edwards, MP For Moseley North to be her case worker. Oliver either with prescient foresight or for a man of faith, little faith in Sarah winning the next election advises the role is only ‘temporary’. But that’s not to say he is bringing blessings on his new boss who he simpers is ‘speaking up for Tamworth finally’ as if Sarah has said or done anything in the house of commons that brings any benefit to Tamworth other than saying the name of the town a few times. Some people are easily blindsided by such things, it’s like a band playing an arena and shouting ‘Hello Tamworth!’ and everyone getting very excited.

Now we don’t know the Vicar, and Debunking and its team are probably going to hell if there is one anyway. No-one is off limits when it comes to our critical eye. We do know that the local Labour party mix religion and politics quite considerably with nearly all of them being avid members of the big man upstairs’ fan club. We’ve no issue with people’s faith as such, so long as it is kept firmly out of decision making. If you need an imaginary being to keep yourself in check then so be it. Some of the worst people you will ever encounter though, are those who are pious who will just as easily lie and shit on you from a great height when it suits. We’ve all probably seen plenty of examples of that, and only have to look over to our American cousins to see just how unchecked unfiltered religion infects their politics.

Oliver states that caseworkers are employed by parliament, which is absolutely true. What he fails to mention of course is that Sarah Edwards put him up for the job, it wasn’t just some divine intervention, she’s just keeping it in the church. She’s not likely to have employed a paid up member of the Tory party. We think Oliver doth protest too much trying to put the idea of him being a rampant socialist out of people’s minds. This along with literally describing his paid for job conducting weddings and funerals as if they are some kind of basis for absolute trust in him. We wish Oliver well in his new job, where he will quickly see that quite a number of the people of Tamworth will surprise him with just how demanding they can be, and even he and his new boss won’t be able to work the kind of miracles they want to see.

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