Ron pictured spending retirement at his desk finding things to get angry about.

Major Conspiracy Ron Brown could be mistaken for having rabies, because once again he’s frothing at the mouth, this time about an auto response reply from the Council which he considers offensive and naturally a big conspiracy to avoid engagement with a resident.

Ron is still wailing about the ‘devestation’ caused by ‘enormous land workings’ on Warwickshire Moor, on land that was never part of the nature reserve, is privately owned and Ron has made it his business to stick his nose into despite living nowhere near it. Residents are up in arms about this development and track being put in, because this was such an amazing Tamworth beauty spot right next to the West Coast mainline (we are being sarcastic can’t you tell? It was never a beauty spot). We’ve covered this before when Ron even went so far as to call vehicular access under the railway a ‘National Security Risk’. Such is the depth of fantasy within Ron’s thought process.

So what have the council done to upset him now. Well Ron and his merry band have sent a long demanding query about all of this via a council enquiry form and the council have had the audacity to send an automatic reply confirming receipt. To anyone with sense in their head this would be fine, but to Ron this is an insult to a tax paying resident who should be feared and meakly obeyed by the council and it’s officers (no we aren’t making that up, that’s what he actually thinks).

Now we did screenshot the entire rant but as we’ve said we’ve covered it before and nothing has changed beyond Ron reaching new levels of apoplexy. There is something interesting at the end of this rant though.

Now, we would never dream of calling Ron a racist bigoted moronic menace to society, because he firmly establishes that he is every time he posts something on his group the Tamworth Examiner (unfortunately you have to join to see the crazy). He has to try and sweep the fact that he and the residents are pursuing this so hard because the landowner happens to be Asian and evidently muslim under the carpet. The fact he has to make this statement shows the real agenda behind the complaints. How dare those black, Asians and especially Muslims make money in Tamworth! They’re obviously only allowed to run corner shops in Ron and his gangs acceptable world. It’s quite chilling that there is a very thinly veiled nasty element of race hate in this town, which is why we are frequently courted by far right political parties in elections. We simply cannot remember the last time the town got it’s knickers in a knot about anything like this, obviously you have to be the ‘wrong’ colour.

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