It’s been a surprising few weeks. Well not really, who didn’t know Councillor Richard Kingstone would stand as MP. But this same Kingstone who endorsed Liam Bone to be the next Councillor for Amington in the May 23 elections is now humbly backtracking on his mistake of endorsing a candidate he knew nothing about, in an attempt to tactically vote in a change on the Borough Council. Something he is still standing by.

Liam who has done precisely nothing since elected has finally put his resignation in today causing a ‘casual vacancy’ on the council 9 months before the next election. Having creamed off a fair whack in public money since May in the way of an allowance, he and the Labour party who knew full well he wouldn’t be able to carry on, are going to cost the taxpayers of Tamworth thousands of pounds to hold a by election.

This whole debacle has dirty hands all over it from the Labour Party, Liam Bone, to Kingstone and local troll Paul Brina Brindley who endorsed him and whipped up a storm to further their own personal vitriolic agendas.

We will leave the last word on this post to this guy, who sums it all up best.

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