Rumours are starting to float around our ears of a recently elected Labour Councillor for Amington Liam Bone having apparently gone missing in action. We noticed during the election he’d pretty much disappeared and his only appearance since ‘winning’ if you can call it that has been at the first full council in Tamworth just after the election. Rumour was he was forced to go to that by his colleagues and he hasn’t been seen since. He’s also been put on committees at the council that never shall meet unless the poop hits the fan with naughty employees and such.

So the big question is why and where has he gone. Well word on the Tamworth political street is that he’s got some kind of promotion before the election that he’s not started yet, but will be politically restricted. Meaning, you’ve guessed it, he can’t be a Councillor. Now, it’s alleged he knew about this before the election and that’s why he did a disappearing act. Labour presumably knew this full well but wanted to waste tax payers dosh in an experiment to see if they could win the seat without doing a fat lot there. Which turned out well for them. Now Liam is apparently close to taking this promotion and a rather expensive by election will be due, which shock horror, the Labour party might have had some actual foresight to plan him standing down for when Pincher is hoisted out of his seat. Meanwhile Liam coins in a few months worth of his allowance, ignores all of his residents and then buggers off. Everyone wins, except the people of Tamworth of course.

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