The Tamworth Labour party have unashamedly gaslighted their membership in an email to them regarding disgraced former Amington Councillor Liam Bone. Full text and press release below. Liam has done absolutely nothing for residents in the short time he’s been elected and we would challenge anyone to prove otherwise. Remember Tamworth Labour party that Freedom of Information Act requests exist and it won’t be long before someone asks the council exactly how many enquiries were made of council officers by Liam Bone in the course of carrying out his duties. The answer will likely be a big fat zero. So you might want to consider changing your statements and fast before you’re exposed as the liars that you all are. They are disgracefully suggesting they field a candidate in the by election they knew full well they would cause in May. We understand that the ‘Civil service fast track’ scheme that Liam was on was decided upon well before the election and has nothing to do with his short tenure as a Councillor, something that has been confirmed in Labours own contradictory press statement, but that hasn’t stopped them again lying to their membership and Tamworth by suggesting he ‘secured’ the civil service job because of it.

“This morning Liam Bone our Labour Amington Councillor tendered his resignation to Andrew Barrett, Chief Executive for Tamworth Borough Council. Although we were aware that Liam may need to resign due his new job, you will understand why we needed to wait until everything had been confirmed before making any formal announcements. Liam has now resigned with immediate effect and we will be liaising with democratic services about the timetable for a by-election. We have a selection meeting planned to select our candidate tomorrow evening (Thursday 24 Aug). Stephen Andrews, our campaign coordinator, already has a full campaign plan in place for the by-election and I hope members will be able to give their support to ensure we retain a Labour Councillor in Amington. We understand that there are likely to be aggressive posts on social media from our opposition. However, as a group we will not be responding to these (for obvious reasons), apart from putting out the press statement below, which has also been sent to the local media and via our social media channels. As unfortunate as the need for a by-election is, we want Liam to know that we wish him well and are proud of his success in securing a much coveted place on the Civil Service Fast Stream. The by-election was unavoidable and the circumstances that led to it were unique.”

Labour Press Statement

Liam Bone has announced his resignation as Tamworth Borough Councilor for Amington.

Councillor Bone has been a dedicated member of the Labour Group, serving the community with commitment. During his tenure on the council. Liam has in connected with residents, working hard to address the needs and concerns of the people of Amington. The kind of drive and dedication he has shown during his time on the Council is what has secured him a place on the prestigious Civil Service FastStream program. Tamworth Labour are extremely proud of Liam’s achievement in getting on the program and we look forward to hearing more about his accomplishments in the future. Councilor Bone expressed mixed emotions abou this decision to step down from his council role. “It is with a heavy heart that I announce my resignation from Tamworth Borough Council” he shared. “I am proud of the work we have accomplished in this short time and the positive impact we have had on the lives of residents.'” He concluded: “Finally, I would like to thank the people of Amington.” Liam Bone’s acceptance on to the Civil Service Fast Stream Program came after the point at which he could have withdrawn from the recent local elections. Liam became aware after accepting his place on the program that his new post would be politically restricted and that he would not be able to continue as a Councillor.

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