We here at Debunking have reason to believe that a certain Labour Parliamentary Candidate Sarah Edwards who was announced as selected by her party on the 14th of September, might just be telling some Porkie Pies about where she lives.

Illustrious Labour career politician Sarah who would you believe works full time for the socialist breeding ground the Unite Union, has stated on a recent Facebook group that she lives in Tamworth after being challenged by a Tamworth resident.

[Original Facebook picture removed after contact from a Councillor whose private screen grab we had naughtily obtained from the leaky Conservatives WhatsApp chats. See we aren’t all that bad and legal threats don’t really wash.]

But Sarah has been rather coy about when she moved to Tamworth, preferring not to answer the valid question she was presented with.

All of the publically available information we have been able to find points to Sarah actually living in Moseley. And since we at Debunking don’t know anyone who’s seen her around these here parts ever, we believe she more than likely still does. We at Debunking feel she might even have not ‘lived’ in Tamworth long enough to actually justify her saying she lives in Tamworth and is in fact lying to the electorate.

Now we know that the others in the list of candidates released today are numerous, but since it would seem to us only two parties actually stand a chance in Tamworth at the election, we aren’t really bothered about the others. If the Labour party were to be caught in a lie so soon after the Liam Bone local Councillor scandal, we feel we could rightly state they could never be trusted again.

We are going to be doing some much further digging on this as we get closer to the election, so if the Labour party have anything to confess they may wish to do it now.

Update: Seems the Daily Mail picked up on it too, we’d love to think it was because of us here at Debunking.


Here’s some of our sources on Sarah Edwards:


Personal Social Media



@sarahedwds (since deleted)

Companies house – https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/officers/XeTEWymyO6D6ySXi-gYyKPevrJ4/appointments

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