You may have noticed the Labour party are trying their best (aww) to coin a phrase that they hope will stick in people’s minds. Forgotten estates is their new campaign agenda, a piece of marketing designed to make their ‘working class’ target market who they’ve neglected for decades, feel that they’ve been short changed by the Conservative run council in Tamworth because the grass wasn’t cut on some hilly bits that they’ve gleefully had their Amington candidate Lewis Smith walk through on a video. Naturally the video is closely focussed on a small area of what looks like Sorrel in Amington, which if you’d happened to walk around the rest of it today like Debunking has, you’d have noticed the rest looks nice and tidy.

Lets face it, it’s people that make the environment look awful, Neanderthals who drop litter all over the place will always trump a bit of long grass in the ugly looks department even if their video wasn’t a lie.

A quick Google search yielded this from Tamworth Borough Council:

So it seems that the Council shock horror stick to a schedule to go around cutting grass and doing general maintenance, because there’s not a big enough team we could afford (or want) to shell out for in council tax that would keep all of Tamworth perfectly manicured all day everyday. In another revelation, they say they don’t cut in the rain (who does?) and what happens when rain and sunshine hits grass in equal measure? It grows a lot that’s what.

It seems the Labour party still think their target voters are thick as porcine poop. They put out a swanky video to misinform the electorate yet again (see Labour candidate Sarah Edwards lie about her address and let’s not forget the reason Amington is having a by election in the first place), but forgot people have their own two eyes and can see for themselves what’s really going on.

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