Well it really doesn’t take much to pull the wool over the eyes of some Tamworthians does it. Labours’ Sarah Edwards in her latest video wants you to know that she’s seen all of the posts about where she lives and… (look in to the eyes, the eyes not around the eyes, the eyes … and you’re under) wants you to believe she’s always lived in Tamworth (cough… beginning of September… cough…rented flat…) and that she’s got a track record of delivering in Tamworth (where? never seen her before) and that she is even registered to vote here (you can register to vote right up to polling day in some cases apparently so not the flex she thinks it is). Now Sarah seems to think that those bothered with such shocking revelations that she’s lying right off the starting blocks should focus on the message to fix Tamworth’s problems and not the utter rubbish she’s spouting.

(Snap! And you’re back in the room)

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