Local (lol) Labour Candidate ‘Simple’ Sarah Edwards has got her knickers in a knot about the boarding up of the bandstand in the town centre. Talking in a newly released video, as if she hadn’t just started living in Tamworth at the beginning of September, Sarah expresses how shocked (shocked!) she is that the bandstand is boarded up for, wait for it…Repairs.

The band stand is currently having some TLC after vandalism and because, well you know, it’s old. But the way Sarah spouts about neglect of a jewel in the crown of ‘our’ heritage, you’d think they’d taken a bulldozer to the castle, and dug up Robert Peel to use as a tourist attraction wheeled around the town.

Naturally Sarah who unashamedly uses ‘our’ quite a bit when referring to things she’s probably never clapped her eyes on in her life before, is very upset about the bandstand being repaired, and blames those nasty Tories for letting it get in such a declined state. We presume she never takes her car in for a service or she drives a bike powered by Unicorn farts everwhere.

Be assured though that Simple Sarah wants to know why the bandstand has been allowed to get into this state of repair, and whether those that let it happen will be held accountable (presumably in stocks with rotting tomatoes). We are fairly sure that beyond this video, apparently made for her new best mate local troll Paul Brina Brindley for his anti Tory Spotted Tamworth page, we will never hear about it again.

Seems a few comments under the video (soon to be deleted naturally) agree, with even the deputy leader of Tamworth Borough Council and also best bud of Brindley, seemingly getting annoyed with him for posting this rubbish too. Not to him mention giving us a cracking nickname for our clueless Labour stooge.

Update: Sarah posted it on her Facebook page earlier today and has almost as quickly removed it. Went down well then!

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