We are a little bit late on this one, we thought we’d save it for election night just in case you needed a reminder of how arrogant the Labour party can be. If it’s not claiming their prospective MP lives in Tamworth rather than Moseley, if it’s not fielding a candidate in Amington in May that couldn’t take the job with their full knowledge, it’s telling the good folk of Tamworth that tomorrow’s election is a done deal.

We particularly like the reference to the ‘work’ Lewis has done so far as if walking round delivering leaflets and presumably pedalling more lies on the doorsteps is work. At least some of the other candidates have the decency to report the odd pothole and tell the world of their accomplishments naturally.

Let’s not forget the fact that Labours Liam Bone did absolutely nothing for no-one during his short term creaming off his Councillors allowance that the taxpayers will never get back and has disappeared into the sunset. Labour had their new candidate out of the starting gate before they’d even called the by election.

So there we have it Amington, you’re getting another Labour Councillor on Tamworth Borough Council tomorrow, because Councillor Lee Wood said so.

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