We’ve been hearing a lot of noise recently about Eddie Hughes MP for Walsall North and the Tories candidate for Tamworth blocking people from his Facebook page. These wonderful comments appeared under a news story on the Tamworth Herald Facebook page that perhaps aptly demonstrate why this happens and the kind of people who live in this town that make Major Conspiracy Ron Brown look like a sane reasonable man (he’s still busy ranting we will get back to him one day).

Lets not concentrate on the comment from the chap who visits a newspapers group (and is a top fan no less) and asks them to not post news he doesn’t like. Let’s take a deep dive on the guy who chose to hijack an unrelated news story to vent his frustration at Eddie Hughes blocking him from his page. We can take a wild stab in the dark and guess that he’s not asking simple polite questions and is either showing faux outrage at the idea of being blocked, or he is evidently a moron. We shall show the evidence leading us to the latter conclusion below and you can judge for yourself.

These are just a few of the items posted on Neil Parsons page.

He is at least self aware enough to recognise himself as a twat, although we would suggest stronger words than this to describe him, along with homophobe.

He also happens to think using the town coat of arms as a logo for his business Tamworth Hard Flooring Specialists is appropriate.

Tamworth is sadly full of people like this, and somehow people like Neil Parsons manage to run their own business too, which blows our mind somewhat. The rest of us observe these people and wonder what we did wrong to have them inflicted upon us. They tend to congregate around prominent Facebook groups and abuse those daft enough to get themselves elected in most cases to try and help these people, completely oblivious to the fact they’re part of the problem. So is it a shocker that he got blocked from Eddie Hughes’ Facebook page? Like all good clickbait headlines, the answers definitely no.

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