Geezer from another Galaxy, Major Misinformation Ron Brown from Tamworth Examiner puts his space boot right in his rather large mouth and brands a local charity vigilantes. Ron who obviously does not know what the Street Angels do or perhaps that they are in fact funded by Tamworth Borough Council, seems to think they are akin to a group of thugs roaming the town in place of the police. The street Angels are an amazing organisation and Ron had sadly cheapened them and their cause with his poor understanding of the world in general. We would be sure Brown would be the first to complain if the police were out handing out flip flops to high heel inflicted ladies (amongst the many caring acts they carry out on their patrols), saying what a waste of council tax it is. Now whilst the Street Angels don’t mirror the duties of the police, they are part of the beautiful side of humanity that wants to look after their fellow man. Ron Brown the bitter and twisted conspiracy merchant, would never understand this and naturally thinks there’s something sinister about it. He’s been busy asking questions of the council and planning department recently, only not to the council themselves (where any member of the public can ask questions in public), but on his Facebook page where he seems to think he will get an answer. Ron doesn’t like answers, because they might just contain the truth.

Meanwhile within the same group, Jason Aston had something to share:

Congratulations to you Jason, it’s just going to take quite a bit longer to work on your reasoning skills and poor judgement as well as your agressive tendancies. But it’s a good start, well done!

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