We might well be being starved of content from the likes of our not so local Troll, which to be honest is fantastic news, because he’s sticking to normal opinions normal people have such as the worthiness of the COP28 summit. Anyway, we digress. We at Debunking can always rely on the idiot factory Tamworth Examiner coming out with something to make us groan when we check through Social Media. Someone once wrote in and told us Tamworth Examiner was boring and we should write about something else. Au contraire! We find them and their comments a constant source of amusement if not sometimes a sad indictment on the state of education in this country.

So let’s get on to the case in point shall we, Mark Hopkins who features reasonably regularly on these pages, is telling us a little bird has told him that the shops pictured next to the town hall are going to be “the next surprise demolition job”. He’s asked if any Councillor “can deny this is the case” (presuming there are actually any councillors following this page), and naturally not volunteering to go and actually ask or submit a question at a council meeting where there’s a 100% chance it would get answered and on the public record. It used to be the case if you look back at old records, that his mate and creator of Tamworth Examiner Major Misinformation Ron Brown, would go and ask questions to those burning questions he had. It seems he stopped doing that in favour of making stuff up and asking questions on his Facebook group instead. Which we’re sure to Ron makes complete sense. Mark it seems who has never been to ask a question is loyally following that path too.

However, as you will see that even if a Councillor did take a trip to looney land and deign to answer Mark, he won’t believe you anyway. So there’s that to consider before wasting your time. We think that Marks’ bird is actually a chip and it’s sat on his shoulder.

This poor chap had the hilarious audacity to suggest Mark got a job as Deputy Asset Director at the council or pay for a structural engineer. Naturally he was set upon by Ron whose hackles immediately stand up when criticism is incoming and he goes on the attack like a rabid Hyena.

Good job Anthony, but if you’ve hung around in that group for any amount of time you’d know by now that common sense and facts don’t exist in their world. The poor bloke even got branded a Tory for his trouble.

What of the shops themselves, is it true that these will be bulldozed? Well we will agree that Goostrygate was certainly a surprise. It’s unlikely the fallout from that will encourage another repeat incident. If Mark had bothered looking just that little bit harder, he’d have got his answer right here on the Councils own website where it states these properties are to be “sympathetically restored and brought back into use”.

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