We thought we’d check in on Ron Brown at the Tamworth Examiner Idiot Factory to see how things were getting on. This for nostalgia, as we’d simply become bored out of our skull reading him blather on about a planning application he doesn’t like. We were not too shocked to find he is still mostly talking to himself, and not just that, writing things that hurt your head just as much.

Ron asks the important questions, that either no-one wanted to know the answer for, or already had. For simplicity sake, the answer to Ron’s question:

Was Thursday a “blip” or are we, at last, breaking free from the Party System which sees a continuous swap between Labour and Conservative administrations (with nothing in between!!!)?

Is no.

Ron could have easily come up with the answer himself given Labour are now in charge of the council after 20 years. Of course though he had to spoil the day of the people who humour him on his page by asking the question publicly. As we’ve said previously True Independents are egotists incapable of working in a team, and the many new parties that spring up are simply egotistical driven offshoots of the parties people left. Yeah some people might not like it, but it’s what we’ve got. Most sensible people can see through the promises and earnest and optimistic talk of a brand new ‘not like the others honest gov’ political party. Heck, some even wear a white suit to show how sleaze and scandal free they are. Inevitably they fade into obscurity when they realise no-one cares.

Where there’s people there’s problems, where there’s people there’s egos, which breeds arrogance that appears in any group given any semblance of power. Those pointing at politicians and laughing might ironically be one of those arrogant egotistical people at their job or in their allotment committee. We all know someone like that, and no walk of life is immune unless you herd sheep in the remote Scottish Highlands. Yet we seem to think another political party will somehow cure all this, as if this new party will somehow have the capacity to overcome the inevitable of influx of narcissistic people that anything set up to have a modicum of power would attract.

The answer isn’t a new political party, it’s making sure the right people who share the values of the party join and stand for the right reasons. Not scraping the barrel and sticking someone in place because you’re desperate to fill a space. Any whiff of self serving or ‘I’m bigger than the party and the team’ and these people should be vetted out. Inevitably if they’re trusted, their self importance eventually reveals itself and they take over a party by stealth or leave it with a wake of destruction behind them (where have we seen this in the last few years?). All these people do is destroy what was built in the pursuit of their own gain, sometimes worryingly in the belief they know better, they simply don’t know how to behave any other way.

We are destined to flip between Tory and Labour ad finitum just as they do between Republican and Democrat in the USA. People broadly speaking sit in the left, centre or right camps and the centre doesn’t go far enough for most people either way. We have to live with that and hope that going forwards, serious community minded people put themselves forward for elections within those parties and give the best of those parties ideologies rather than the extremes of either.

The electorate also need to grow up, stop sneering like Ron, and take part in democracy properly rather than consider it someone else’s problem or some massive conspiracy against them (the truth is very much more mundane than anyone could imagine), and stop with the holier than thou attitude expecting their elected representatives be anything more than human beings. Conversely, politicians should not make rules that even they know they could never follow, let alone the general public (Downing Street Parties anyone?). Competence, attitude and what political ideology these people believe in should be the focus, which is exactly what we home in on here at Debunking.

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