The sleazy dirty toxic bullying tosspot of a troll Paul Brina Brindley ✅ Verified. Is playing the end game of his disgusting vilification of Councillor Robert Pritchard. The filthy troll is dancing around under his bridge in Leicestershire at the prospect of a man he hates losing his seat. From what we understand, Councillor Pritchard is the one that blocked Brindley using his pals for lucrative Council contracts and has hated him ever since. It’s why the troll has gone after him in particular.

William ‘Bill’ Bryan should be ashamed of himself for allowing this piece of dirty shit to promote his election campaign, with Councillor Richard Kingstone in complete cahoots with him. If Richard and William were decent men, they would have called out Paul Brindleys foul behaviour, but they have not, because they enjoy watching it just as much as the troll loves to post it. You mark our words, both Kingstone and Bryan will both be smirking at the work Brina has done for them after their meeting at Rawlett School to arrange all this not long ago. Shame on you Kingstone, shame on you Bryan. You’re both vile men for putting the troll up to this or for even associating with him.

Councillor Kingstone and William Bryan have effectively hired a willing and free political hitman against Councillor Pritchard. Spotted Tamworth a chargeable platform and source of untaxed income for Brina has been running free advertising for Bryan and the Labour Party on the page for the duration of the election.

Lets look at the trolls claims, because of course if he says it’s Verified folks it must mean it’s absolutely true.

It’s incredibly unlikely that any controlling group councillors would offer to deliver any material for Bill Bryan. A simple reason would be if they were seen doing so, they’d be out of the party. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that. Paul Brindley however is too thick to realise. We don’t think any party would take kindly to that happening. Let’s not forget, it is so easy to say people have offered and stick a tick next to it with no proof, and are you telling us Bryan turned down some free help? This is Brina talking, so we’re going to say the whole lot is bullshit as usual.

As for Brina’s claims regarding £400k in allowances being claimed by Councillor Pritchard over 20 years. That’s 20k per annum gross, before tax and national insurance taken off to be both a Borough and County Councillor and cover expenses etc that go with those roles. For these last few years he’s had to put up with the likes of Brindley abusing him online and morons like Ron Brown poking at him despite having apparently no sane or reasonable reason for doing so.

We are not sure being power obsessed actually covers Pritchard since he’s only ever served as Deputy Leader on Tamworth Borough Council despite having plenty of opportunities to be leader. Not the actions of someone who is supposedly obsessed with having power.

As for fake Facebook profiles, well this is a favourite one for Brindley. Yet he doesn’t ever post the names of these fake profiles or any evidence of or even why he thinks it is Pritchard behind them. Literally nothing, and yet here he is asserting again that Pritchard is trolling people using them. Only Paul Brindley is trolling and bullying, there is clear evidence of that in plain sight. Why he thinks Pritchard has the time or inclination to spend time on Facebook to do this is anyone’s guess.

We actually saw Pritchard as we drove past in the DebunkMobile (you wouldn’t know it was since strangely we don’t advertise) today, and he seemed pretty busy shoving stuff through people’s doors. He didn’t look or wave when we beeped though, which was a shame. We said we’d defend Pritchard some time ago because we saw all this coming. In the pursuit of their own ‘power’ Kingstone being after Pritchards’ County seat in 2024 and his pal Bryan looking to remove him in Spital, have forgotten what morality is, the troll doing their dirty work for them is characteristic of how these men operate.

Pritchard needs your physical help between now and Polling Day. Otherwise Spital is going to lose a decent Councillor due to the efforts of the troll, Kingstone and Bryan. If you have free time you can support him and do something meaningful, especially if you absolutely hate what Paul Brindley is trying to do to this town. Contact him here or here and make sure you tell him Debunking sent you. We know he didn’t want anything to do with this site some time ago, so how he responds is anyone’s guess!

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